School is in full swing around these parts.

Additionally, it’s one of my busiest times at work. Mike has been super busy as well. Things are crazy around here!

And yet… it’s still summer. Which means SUMMER FUN is upon us!

We bought a slip n slide a couple of weeks ago, and boy is it fun!

The first time we used this left me sore for 3 days!

We also thought it would be fun to have a pool. I was unceremoniously shot down when I mentioned just simply having one built. So, instead…

I suppose this was a bit less expensive and probably just about as much fun for the kiddos!

And, lest they actually grow fins we have some fun outside of the water as well.

Zac is so good on his bike! But, it makes him look like such a big boy!
(Concerned parents, four seconds later I reminded them about their helmets.)

And, just speaking of big kids, look at this beauty! Even sweaty, she’s stunning.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

We decided recently to have a yard sale.

This is something we have never done. But boy was it necessary! We have accumulated so much stuff, that our garage was looking like this:

(This is not actually our garage. Nor was it actually quite this bad. But you get the idea.)

So we planned, prepped, and organized.


Actually, we thought a lot about it and set a date. Then we changed the date numerous times, until one finally fit.

Sadly, that date actually arrived and we had to do it.

So, the night before we made signs and posted them in the neighborhood. Then we decided that enough was enough already and we went to bed.

5am came early, and we opened the garage doors and started putting things in the driveway. The signs said 7am, so naturally people started showing up at 5:30.

“How much is this?” They would ask.
Like they expected us to have costs figured out or something… humph.

People came and went and by 10am, most of our stuff was gone! It was amazing!

We now have a mostly-empty garage, and piles of cash.

(This is also not really us)

And, “piles” of cash may be misleading. We have one large pile of mostly ones. We didn’t make a ton, but we are HAPPY with getting rid of unneeded stuff!

High fives for yard sales!

Have you had a yard sale? Do you plan and prepare? Or do it our way?

Yep, it happened again. First grade and Preschool.

Hold me.

Compare this year to last year’s First Day of School pictures HERE.

Lilly was able to complete the monkey bars by day 2, so first grade is so far a huge success!

There are a lot of things that I used to think were kinda silly, but now I buy into completely.

Spring school pictures are one of them.

I don’t really want to buy them. I take a lot of pictures of the kids (surprise?) including true photographer-style pictures at least yearly. And schools take pictures in the Fall. That’s good, right?

Now they take Spring pictures too. And it’s not like it was in the good ‘ol days either (wow, I’m old), where you paid for them before seeing them. Nope. Now you don’t do a thing but hope you remember to dress them properly on picture day (I never do) and wait for the results. THEN and only then do you choose what to buy.

And that, my friends, is how they get you.

So… with no further ado… the Spring pictures that I never intended to purchase.

Just a follow up from my last post. These two are growing up so fast.

I sure hope they know how loved they are. They are growing up in a less-than-traditional family. Or maybe it’s more traditional than not, these days. Regardless, it’s what they know and it is, frankly, perfect. They have Mike and I at home adoring them. They have a loving father, adoring grandparents and more aunts (and “aunts”) and uncles (and “uncles”) and friends than we can count.

They have a million people in their court and in their village who are behind them every step of the way.

Mike and I work hard every day to ensure that they know they are loved, and to ensure that they know that there are no limits to that love. We also work to teach them to make good choices. To be kind, to work hard. To be proud and yet humble. To enjoy all that we have and that we can give them, while not taking any of it for granted.

We hope they know that, while they don’t have everything they may want, they have everything that they need and so much more.

There is so much to teach them, and so much they have to learn. And while I firmly believe that we are all doing a great job and that they are, at heart, simply amazing and loving beings, I guess I wouldn’t be a mom if I wasn’t fearful every day of something. Something in our control or out of it…

All I can do is smile through the fear and know in my heart that they will be ok. More than ok. They will be great.

Still, when I take pictures of my babies only to look down and see pictures of Big Kids, it simply takes my breath away.

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