Enough said?

Ok, wait. Enough is NOT said here. Kindergarten round-up. Lilly was serious and adorable and wanting to look like her sweet little self. She pulled it off. Zac had to jump in the picture. A few items of note:

On Zackary:

-Bedhead. Which he will not let me comb down. He’s 3.
-His current “camera smile.” Which he will not change. He’s 3.
-His too short pants. Which he picked out, and a compromise was refused. He’s 3.
-His Ball Blankie. Which he is still completely attached to. He’s 3.

On Lilly:

-Her curls, which now she wants “done” in specific ways. She’s 5.
-Dresses. Always dresses. She’s 5.
-Name brand shoes, which she begged for and got for Christmas. She’s 5.
-Beautiful, “look at me” smile, which she flashes hundreds of times a day. She is 5.

They take my heart with them wherever they go.

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  1. Robin Palmer says:

    Awwww. You nailed it!

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