Great comments on this post, including my mom calling me a fool and my sister offering threatening to break my bones.

Today’s topic? Indulging.

In our 100 mile per hour world, what do you do to indulge?


I drink coffee. Hot, iced. Home brewed or coffee shop perfection. It doesn’t matter. I drink it and it makes me happy.

I shop. Usually bargain hunting and not always buying much, but looking through the racks is relaxing for me. Unless I’m looking for something specific that I’ll likely never find.

I rent movies. Not usually for myself, but renting a movie for the kids on the weekend usually results in a little time for myself.

I read books. I don’t have a great one going right now, but I’m always on the lookout for that next great book or series.

I play on my iphone. Checking email, social media, and fun games entertain me pretty much every evening for a little while before bed.

~   ~   ~

Things that I do not consider indulging?

Taking baths. I like the idea of a long hot bath, but I never enjoy it as much as I think I’m going to. For one, the bathtub is in the bathroom between the kids’ rooms, and I never want to risk waking them up after they finally settle down for the night. Also, I always find my mind wandering to other things I could or should be doing.

Painting my nails. I love a good manicure and pedicure, but the time it takes for them to dry is frustrating, and I usually end up messing them up with my impatience.

Sleeping in. I don’t remember what this feels like…

I ask you, In our 100 mile per hour world, what do you do to indulge?

I’m pretty open here on the ‘ol blog, but I thought it would be fun to try to write a post about things you don’t know about me.

1. I love to read, and yet I can not get into The Hunger Games. It makes my stomach hurt. Apparently that makes me super sensitive or something? I can read (and watch) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo more easily than The Hunger Games. In fact, I’ve read the first two books and am dying to get my hands on the third. Then again, I also cry every time I think of I’ll Love You Forever, so there’s that.

2. I have never had the Chicken Pox. Please don’t infect me.

3. I love high heels and flip flops equally. For work, I’m all about the high heel. At home and one weekends, you’ll definitely find me in a flip flop. My car is currently housing at least one pair of each.

4. I can sing the words correctly to most current hits. However, I probably can not name one artist correctly. If you tell me who sings something, I’ll probably forget. I will, however, still feel confident singing right along.

5. If you had told me five years ago that I would be a runner, I would have laughed in your face and told you you were crazy. And then probably asked if you wanted to grab a beer and stay out too late.

6. I hate horror movies. Give me something funny, sentimental, action packed  or even suspenseful, but keep those horror flicks to yourself.

7. I get addicted to silly sitcoms – usually the ones that no one likes so they get canceled.

8. I love vegetables, salads, and “real” food. I also love pizza, ice cream, and adult beverages. What can I say, it’s all about moderation right?

9. I once had my tongue pierced. I have a tattoo. I once went skydiving. Watch the comments people, I’m not sure my mother knew about that last one.

10. I have a black thumb. Unless growing weeds counts? I once killed a cactus by forgetting to water it. I’ll let that sink in (pun totally intended).

11. I drink a ton of water most days. I used to drink a lot of soda, but now I limit it to road trips for work. I could cut it out completely, but I just love soda with fast food on a road trip!

12. I have never broken a bone. I have had only one surgery (iLasik), and I have only been admitted to the hospital two times (Lilly & Zac). I hope and pray that my luck with good health continues.

13. When the kids are with their father overnight, I tend to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly or cereal for dinner. Because I can. Bonus points if it’s Frosted Flakes.

14. I’m a teensy tinsy bit superstitious, so I couldn’t end this list at 13.

~   ~   ~

YOUR TURN! What would I be surprised to learn about YOU?

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I am a runner.

I used to be a runner.

I am sorta kinda a runner… sometimes?

The thing is, I love to run. I love the peacefulness, the challenge, the serenity. I love the way my heart and lungs feel after a run. And, frankly, I like the way my body looks when I run regularly. I like that my kids want to “run like mommy.” I like the camaraderie the runners have with each other.

The problem?

The problem is finding the time to run.

YES, I KNOW THAT TIME IS AN ISSUE FOR EVERYONE. I’m not using this as an excuse to not work out. But the fact is that in a given week I *might* have the opportunity to run once.

This? This is most definitely my choice as I choose NOT to take my two children in a double running stroller for runs. If I felt I were strong enough or that they would enjoy sitting in a stroller for an extended period of time, I might try it. But running with whining, heavy children is not on my list of reasons I like to run.Weird, right?

The point is… I have found something to do instead.

Body Pump.

There is a studio pretty close to my house where they offer Les Mills classes such as Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Flow… you get the point.

I am gaining strength. Gaining muscle. Easing stress and frustration over not running as much as I’d like.

The people? The people there are amazing. Friendly, motivating, encouraging.

Also… they have a playroom. You heard me. A playroom where my kids can play. Yesterday, I asked Lilly and Zac, “would it be ok if mommy went to workout?” (yes, I asked them. Not in the “asking for permission” kind of way, but in truly wanting to know if they were happy playing in the playroom.)

The fact that their eyes lit up and they yelled “yay!” told me everything I needed to know.

In all honestly, really only Lilly actually plays in the playroom. Zac will play with her for a few minutes, but then he stands in the doorway, watching me and the others work out.

He kicks when we kick.
He lifts his arms when we lift weights.
He lunges (and typically falls over) when we lunge.

He works out with me.

So, maybe I’m not a runner anymore for the time being. But, I am working out, which is good for me and a great example for my children.

Now… if only I felt prepared for Ragnar (read about the last time here) or the half marathons I’m already registered for!


I have tweeted about Pinterest from time to time. For example:

“Pinterest is fun! Except that it makes me feel inadequate”

“Pinterest makes me fat.”

“Dear Pinterest… I hate you.”

In reality, I love Pinterest. Anyone on Pinterest can attest to the fact that there are many things on there that we pin, knowing full well we will never actually buy/create/find.


But then there are the ideas that we WILL attempt… either soon, or someday:

And, then there are things that I find that I WANT. Bad.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

Oh I could go on and on…

Finally, the food. At least in my Pinterest experience, the vast majority of what I see is FOOD. Dangerous people. Very dangerous.

Now, I *have* actually made a few of the things I’ve found on Pinterest. And, truly, I’ve always ended up feeling good about it!

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

There are so many uses for Pinterest, from killing time to finding great ideas for gifts (like the Valentines that my kids will deliver this year… I’m not sharing those yet!), food, decor.

Do you Pin?
(Even my mom does)

What do you lug around every day? What does it SAY about you?

Mama’s Losin’ It

I had a jewelry party last year, where we played a purse game. The women in attendance had to look in their purses for items that begin with a given letter.

For example: C

My sister pulled out a Chicken Nugget.

It was only partially eaten. And very, very old.

Women, and moms especially, are commonly given a hard time about carrying around too much stuff. CRAP, actually. Do you know why we are given such a hard time?

Because we carry around a lot of crap, that’s why.

Men don’t do this. Is it because the “man bag” hasn’t truly caught on yet?

Is it because they are smarter? Or more efficient? Hahaha yeah, clearly that can’t be it.

Maybe it is simply because they do not have the foresight to realize that they may one day have an emergent need for 12 used stickers, a broken toy and cheerio crumbs?

Now MacGyver… there’s a man who knows how to be prepared for anything.

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Speaking of that, remember the day that I pulled out my laptop at work and saw THIS? Yeah, that was special.

If you were to look in my purse today, you’d learn a couple of things about me.

The blue emergency cards that were due to the kids’ school last week might tell you that I’m a procrastinator very, very busy.

The pink leotard, sippy cups, and apples should tell you that tonight is gymnastics night.

The rocks? The rocks would tell you that Lilly is very imaginative and that she’d probably kick my shins while I’m sleeping if I threw away her “pumas.”

The lipstick will remind you that I’m vain.

The 4 pairs of sunglasses? Those should tell you that I must have left a couple pairs in my car.

The whistle might tell you that I got to act as Crossing Guard at a school event last week. I took it very, very seriously. Also? I clearly don’t take myself very seriously.

The lack of cash? Let’s not even go there, mkay?

At least I don’t have any Chicken Nuggets hiding in there!

What kinds of crazy things do you cart around in your purse, pockets, or car?

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop!

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