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I am a runner.

I used to be a runner.

I am sorta kinda a runner… sometimes?

The thing is, I love to run. I love the peacefulness, the challenge, the serenity. I love the way my heart and lungs feel after a run. And, frankly, I like the way my body looks when I run regularly. I like that my kids want to “run like mommy.” I like the camaraderie the runners have with each other.

The problem?

The problem is finding the time to run.

YES, I KNOW THAT TIME IS AN ISSUE FOR EVERYONE. I’m not using this as an excuse to not work out. But the fact is that in a given week I *might* have the opportunity to run once.

This? This is most definitely my choice as I choose NOT to take my two children in a double running stroller for runs. If I felt I were strong enough or that they would enjoy sitting in a stroller for an extended period of time, I might try it. But running with whining, heavy children is not on my list of reasons I like to run.Weird, right?

The point is… I have found something to do instead.

Body Pump.

There is a studio pretty close to my house where they offer Les Mills classes such as Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Flow… you get the point.

I am gaining strength. Gaining muscle. Easing stress and frustration over not running as much as I’d like.

The people? The people there are amazing. Friendly, motivating, encouraging.

Also… they have a playroom. You heard me. A playroom where my kids can play. Yesterday, I asked Lilly and Zac, “would it be ok if mommy went to workout?” (yes, I asked them. Not in the “asking for permission” kind of way, but in truly wanting to know if they were happy playing in the playroom.)

The fact that their eyes lit up and they yelled “yay!” told me everything I needed to know.

In all honestly, really only Lilly actually plays in the playroom. Zac will play with her for a few minutes, but then he stands in the doorway, watching me and the others work out.

He kicks when we kick.
He lifts his arms when we lift weights.
He lunges (and typically falls over) when we lunge.

He works out with me.

So, maybe I’m not a runner anymore for the time being. But, I am working out, which is good for me and a great example for my children.

Now… if only I felt prepared for Ragnar (read about the last time here) or the half marathons I’m already registered for!


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